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a whole little world   14 Feb - 21 March 2014

This exhibition was shown at the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace in Wellington during the 2014 Festival of the Arts.

With these still life paintings I wished to reflect the care with which the Victorian household was re-created and to celebrate the dedication of those whose time and effort keeps the Mansfield House vibrant.


The works employed traditional oil glazing techniques on gessoed panels.



Selected works from a whole little world exhibition

Spring Flowers
Mantel with Paper Angels
Mantel with Dried Lavender
Colander and Eggs
Dresser with Candlestick
Enamel Jug, Bowls and Linen
Invalid Cup
Scent Bottle
Collar Box with Silk 1
Collar Box with Silk 11

© 2015 by Glenda Randerson

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